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Rest, don’t quit.

Various training schemes and protocols have been made across time. Every day coaches, athletes, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts post workouts about strength or power development, weight loss, core strength, rehab and so on. Few of them talk about RESTORATION TIME, even it is one of the most critical component in physical preparation. Often best athletes […]

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A Detailed Look into Power : the Difference between Strength-Speed and Speed-Strength

Browsing through our blog content or reading different articles on Velocity Based Training you may have encountered the terms strength-speed and speed-strength. Even if the two terms may sound similar they refer to two different things. The first term, Strength-Speed refers to moving relatively heavy loads as fast as you can, The typical speed targets to develop this trait with […]


Workout Harder or Smarter?

People train for many different reasons, and these reasons point out the difference between a “fitness enthusiast” and an “athlete”. If you train steadily, with diligence, in order to reach goals (not just to vent stress) you must be considered an athlete. One could disagree with my definition, related to training for achieving results, but surely there is something […]

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What do you think about when I say “hypertophy”? I guess that images similar to the one on our cover are appearing in your minds. In the collective imagination body builders are the most hypertrophic subjects, thanks to the popularity that body building reached in the past. If I ask my mother how a power […]

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Norwich University S&C using Beast

The Beast Community continues to grow by adding Norwich University to list of schools/teams using Beast to help grow and develop collegiate athletes. Norwich University Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jeff Kruger talks Beast and how he has implemented Beast at the NCAA Division 3 Schools program to help teach his athletes how to “Move […]