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How To’s

How To: Use Power as a Measure

When using your Beast Sensor, the main screen gives you mean speed as it uses Velocity Based Training or VBT principals to track and auto regulate your workout. The second screen gives you your power outputs, set by set. But how can you use this as a data output? Simply put, power should be constant […]

Science in Sports


Every day people ask me if strength trackers are really useful, and what are the effects of their implementation in daily training sessions and over time. I usually talk about my experience as an athlete and trainer, on how I use Beast and the results I have reached. But I understand that the case of a […]

Science in Sports

Rest, don’t quit.

Various training schemes and protocols have been made across time. Every day coaches, athletes, bloggers and fitness enthusiasts post workouts about strength or power development, weight loss, core strength, rehab and so on. Few of them talk about RESTORATION TIME, even it is one of the most critical component in physical preparation. Often best athletes […]